Project FASTER

The Project

FASTER (Flying Attitude STabilized ExpeRiment) is a new student project with the main objective of developing a platform to improve microgravity conditions on parabolic flights.

The platform will provide stabilization to its payload by the use of three reaction wheels and the feedback from an accelerometer. More sensors will be placed on the aircraft to see how much the platform can actually improve the microgravity conditions.

Space Campus

The project is based in the LuleƄ Tekniska Univeristet (LTU) campus in Kiruna known as the Space Campus. It is part of the division of space technology at LTU and offers all types of space related programs.

Parabolic Flights

Parabolic flights provide an exceptional tool to develop, test and prove technologies that can later be used in all kinds of microgravity setups.

International Team

The team is formed by 6 international master students from 5 different countries. All of them are taking part in either the Space master or the spacecraft design master programs at LTU.