Juan Gracia García-Lisbona

Project Manager

Juan comes from Zaragoza, a city in the north-east of Spain. He has a background in Physics and his passion about astronautics and space made him take the decision of moving to Kiruna to pursue the Masters Program in Spacecraft Design.

Deepa Anantha Raman

System engineer

Deepa comes from the south Indian city of Chennai. She studied Aerospace Engineering in India and came to Kiruna to study masters in Space Science and Technology. She joined the team in September and is currently a part of the Management team of FASTER and also the lead system engineer.

Rebecka Kjellman

Mechanical department and outreach

Rebecka comes from Brantevik, a small village in southern Sweden. Before moving to Kiruna, she studied mechanical engineering at Malmö University. Now she is doing her masters in space science and technology. In FASTER, her responsibilities include structural design, material selection and the reaction wheel design.

Minka Suomela

Mechanical department and outreach

Minka moved to Kiruna from a city called Espoo on the southern coast of Finland. She studied automation, control theory and mechanical engineering in Aalto University. Now she is doing her master’s in space science and technology. She is part of the mechanical team of FASTER, currently working on the CAD models of the platform.

Bruno Comesaña Cuervo

Electrical department

Bruno is from a region in the north of Spain called Galicia. He moved to Madrid to do his masters in Aerospace engineering (even though he is terrified of planes), then to the southern part of Germany where he lived and worked for 4 years. He grew up by the forest and has never lived away from it regardless of the country, so Kiruna and its ocean of trees suits him perfectly.

Antoni Eritja Olivella

Electrical department

Antoni is from Barcelona but was born in Heidelberg, Germany. He studied a Double degree in Aerospace Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering in Castelldefels. His hate for hot weather and his love for travelling made him come to Kiruna. So far, he is loving the colder weather but the lack of sun is worsening his low capabilities of taking any kind of good pictures.

Arnau Busom Vidal

Software department

Arnau comes from a very small country in the middle of the Pyrenees, Andorra. He studied physics in France and fell in love with space physics, which together with his love for snow and cold made moving to Kiruna for the master the obvious choice. In FASTER he is in charge of the software, from creating simulations to developing the code that will control our platform.

Estelle Crouzet

Software department

Estelle comes from Biscarrosse, a small town in the south-west of France. Before moving to Kiruna, she studied mathematics and physics in Bordeaux, and then aerospace engineering at ENSPIMA – Bordeaux INP. Now she is doing her master’s in Spacecraft Design. In FASTER, she is part of the software department, working on the on-board data-handling and the control system.