Introducing FASTER

FASTER is a student project with the goal to develop project ASTER’s attitude controlled FFU and adapt it to parabolic flights.

Parabolic flights are widely used for conducting experiments in microgravity and practising for space missions or for human space flights. However, the experiments are constrained by vibrations and oscillations from the aircraft. This project wants to validate that by implementing an attitude stabilization platform for parabolic flights, the payload attitude can be controlled and the microgravity conditions can be improved.

The FASTER team currently consists of six international students. The goal is to be able to experience all the phases of a project but also for it to be fast paced enough so that we can see the results of our experiment before graduation.

Right now we are finalizing the design phase and will soon begin the integration and testing phases. As we aim to fly in summer 2021 onboard a small single engine plane.

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